Great news!  Foura version 1.2 has been officially released and is available now to all existing customers with an active support contract.

Version 1.2 of Foura allows local security role members to manage internal company users, role memberships and permissions.

Easily add new users and assign roles.  Password policies can be configured to require passwords with a minimum strength score.  Each provisioned database has its own users and security, so you can configure your training environment to allow authorized staff to gain experience with the full capabilities of Foura!

In addition, the new Foura Updater application is included!

This new addition to the Foura family of applications makes it really easy to download and apply future Foura updates.

As an added benefit, we were able to eliminate all extra dependencies.  Foura can now be immediately setup on new Windows 10 systems without having to pre-install any components.

Here is a list of the key changes in version 1.2:

  • Add ability to deactivate a login
  • Allow users/logins to be deleted if that user has never actually logged in
  • Add ability to require that a user change their password on next login
  • Totals on Browse Sales Invoice Lines do not match totals on Browse Sales Invoices
  • Allow Foura to recover gracefully from a corrupted form settings file
  • Only show active terms in drop down list
  • Add Description field to Quote
  • Remove SIN column from price book line
  • Add some means of showing the menu code for a form within the form itself
  • Clean up menus for product editions
  • Add roles table for reports
  • Application-level users
  • Application-level security roles
  • Customer License File
  • Auto-Update
  • Pass identity from client to database