FOURA version released June 3rd, 2019.  This is a maintenance roll-up of customer requests, late-breaking changes and fixes for reported issues.  Available now for all customers with active maintenance agreements.

Here are some highlights of the new features in this update:

New Sales Invoice report layout with allocated/paid and due amounts!

This layout uses clean, easily readable fonts and the standard FOURA color palette.  In addition to the standard invoice information, the amount allocated (paid) and the net amount due are prominently displayed in the invoice totals section.  You can select this layout (or make it your default!) from the Print Sales Invoice dialog.

Audit logs are now viewable and searchable using the new audit viewer!

Logs are organized by FOURA document type / table and each log includes detailed change information; including when the change occurred, who did it, and even the original and new values of any changed fields!  When a record is deleted, the logs record the last value of each field.  You will find this option on the System-Maintenance menu (Code “AUD”).  Only members of the “Setup” security role are authorized to view logs.

The schedule now includes a search box so you can quickly and easily find any events or pending order checklist items!

Just type what you want to find into the search box and press enter.  The first match is immediately highlighted.  Press enter again to cycle through additional matches, or use shift-enter to cycle through in reverse order.

Please see the Foura Help What’s New page for a full list of changes!