FOURA can help bring order to the chaos

Many businesses are being bogged-down by starter accounting software, coupled with endless spreadsheets and glued-together apps that don’t talk to each other.  Employees are entering the same data twice, or even three times.  These situations create inefficiencies and increase costs unnecessarily.

We know, we’ve been there – that’s why we built FOURA – unified business management software designed for growing businesses.

FOURA’s integrated workflows save time – enter data once and its available to be used in downstream processes.  Sales, purchasing, order management and other activities are seamlessly linked through systemic processes to functions such as accounts payable, inventory, accounts receivable, cash, and fixed assets.

FOURA’s flexible and powerful Financial Reports and Browse Forms put information at your fingertips and allow real-time monitoring of business activities – so you can make informed decisions, on the fly.

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