Role Based User Security

As your business grows, you’re delegating more and more tasks to a larger number of your staff.  You may feel the need to tighten things up a bit, security-wise. FOURA’s flexible Security Roles feature allows you to grant permissions to individual users to perform specific functions.  Easily create new user logins and assign to appropriate security roles – enforcing segregation of duties and internal control.

FOURA’s Security Roles enable you to overlay system security on top of your Organizational Chart to ensure your employees have access to everything they need, but nothing more.

Users can be assigned to multiple roles, each of which will add to the user’s overall rights within FOURA.  Some roles allow create and edit rights, while others allow only viewing rights.  When a security role is assigned to a user’s login, then the associated forms and functions will light up on the user’s Main Menu.

FOURA comes out of the box with several standard pre-defined user security roles – and if you need something more specific to your business operations, we can easily create new roles for you.

System and Event Auditing

FOURA enables you to monitor who is connected and their login/logout time.  The system also has extensive audit tracking and allows for the auditing of transactional data and changes to reference data by user, date and time.  Who did what, and when!

Database Security

If you are using FOURA’s cloud hosted solution, your data is backed up daily.  Your data is encrypted in motion.  Data in motion is your data actively moving from one location to another.  Rest assured your data is encrypted while traveling between your workstations and the cloud server.  Backups are encrypted at rest, so your backup data is protected and cannot be compromised.

FOURA is written to ACID Compliant Standards, so your data can’t be corrupted.

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