Foura Version Released

FOURA version released June 3rd, 2019.  This is a maintenance roll-up of customer requests, late-breaking changes and fixes for reported issues.  Available now for all customers with active maintenance agreements. Here are some highlights of the new features in this update: New Sales Invoice report layout with allocated/paid and due amounts! This layout uses clean, easily readable fonts and the standard FOURA color palette.  In addition to the standard invoice information, the amount allocated (paid) and the net amount due are prominently displayed in the invoice totals section.  You can select this [...]

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Foura Version 1.2 Released

Great news!  Foura version 1.2 has been officially released and is available now to all existing customers with an active support contract. Version 1.2 of Foura allows local security role members to manage internal company users, role memberships and permissions. Easily add new users and assign roles.  Password policies can be configured to require passwords with a minimum strength score.  Each provisioned database has its own users and security, so you can configure your training environment to allow authorized staff to gain experience with the full capabilities of Foura! [...]

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