Albert Boettger
Albert BoettgerTechnical Director and Co-Founder
Albert is widely recognized for his ability to help companies realize significant cost savings and efficiencies through process automation and optimization.

The mastermind behind FOURA, he has over 25 years of extensive experience in software engineering, database architecture, business application design and development and project management.

His broad technical and analytical background, combined with great interpersonal skills allow Albert to thrive with people in a wide range of disciplines and environments.

Brian Rawlings
Brian RawlingsBusiness Director and Co-Founder
Brian is a proven professional with vast knowledge and experience in sales and operations management, process improvement, strategic planning, business analysis, communications, teamwork, and training.

He’s a real “people person”, taking a genuine interest everyone he meets – the first guy you choose when picking teams!

Brian works diligently to ensure customers first understand their needs, then helps them to determine their options – and ultimately identify the right path to a more efficient and secure business management system.

Brian Peterson, CPA
Brian Peterson, CPAFinance Director and Co-Owner
Brian is a trusted Finance and Accounting Business Partner with proven success in integrating systems, processes and teams together to achieve consistent, on-time and accurate financial reporting.

He enjoys collaborating with people at all levels and functions to achieve common goals by employing tact, patience, and flexibility and having a good sense of humor!

Known as a creative, “roll up the sleeves” solution finder, Brian possesses wide ranging, hands on experience spanning all areas accounting and financial management, reporting and analysis.